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Let Karamo Brown fix your life

Karamo Brown (Queer Eye's Culture Expert) has a profound cure-it-all for Writer's Block. Check out what he has to say below and click here for the full episode.

I’m filmmaker Justin Simien and welcome to another episode of Don’t @ Me a podcast where we go beyond the knee jerk reaction with emerging culture makers. In this episode I get a mindset makeover by Queer Eye’s culture expert, Houston’s own Karamo Brown.

We get into how he developed his role as the Culture Expert, his being the first open Blay on The Real World, and living as his authentic self.

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Credit goes to: Jason Smith, CEO, Starburns

Audio (Producer) Jessica Gutierrez,

Audio Engineer, Starburns Audio Judith Kargbo,

Production Coordinator, Starburns Audio

Kris Bowers (Theme Music)

Dominique German (Incidental Music)

Aaliyah Jihad & Brendan Smith for Culture Machine


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