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"Don't @ Me" Podcast Returns with Comedian Sam Jay

And we're back!

Filmmaker and author Justin Simien returns with a new season of his podcast “Don’t @ Me” via Starburns Audio. Justin will be having unfiltered conversations with the film stars, artists, and TV creators shaping Black, queer, and other emerging popular cultures.

For this second season premiere, Justin sits down with writer and comedian Sam Jay. Originally from Boston, Mass, Sam Jay got her big break in 2017 when she joined the writing staff of Saturday Night Live. She’s been a writer on the show since its 43rd season, has been featured on comedy special series on both Netflix and Comedy Central, and has her own Netflix comedy special: Sam Jay: 3 in the Morning.

Some of Life's Tough Questions this Episode Will Answer:

  • Is cociane comptaible with Black people?

  • What’s actually fucked up about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

  • What the best/worst thing about working with SO many white people?

  • How to succeed in (comedy) business by REALLY trying.

  • What is it like to teach white women what du-rags are?

  • How does an SNL sketch with a white Madea work?

  • And, of course, WTF is going on with Kanye West?

Listen to the full interview between Justin Simien and Sam Jay here.



Guest: Sam Jay | writer/comedian | @SamJayComic

Host: Justin Simien | writer/director | @JSim07

Producers: Aaliyah Jihaad |@liyabee // Brendan Logan |@brendanlogan

Editor: Jessica Gutierrez

Production: Starburns Audio | @StarburnsAudio


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